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CJ Custom Hi-Capa 5.1

Unleash your inner Saiyan warrior with our Goku-inspired Hi-Capa HPA-ready airsoft pistol. This custom-made masterpiece combines HPA technology with iconic design. Dominate the battlefield in style!

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Enter Operation Cold War Now!

Get ready for an immersive airsoft experience on August 10 & 11! Join us at Location 40°17'06"N 111°36'11"W for a thrilling Cold War scenario where teams compete to retrieve hidden nuclear launch codes, secure key objectives, and complete stealth missions. Players are encouraged to wear period-appropriate gear and use era-specific replicas. Camping is available.

About Us

Combat Junkies Airsoft is a business that provides high-quality airsoft products and services to customers. The team consists of experts who are passionate and actively participate in the sport as players. The business offers a wide range of products, including airsoft guns, protective gear, and accessories. They also provide expert services such as repairs and customizations. The business is committed to offering only top-quality products and ensuring their customers have the best airsoft experience possible.

Customize Your Gear for Your Next Mission

Thank you for your interest in Combat Junkies. We appreciate your message and will be in touch with you shortly.

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